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Dr. Rocco Di Paola

Dr. Rocco Di Paola is a leading dentist in St. Catharines

Hello. I'm Dr. Di Paola. Since 2001, I have really enjoyed treating my patients at Garden City Dental. Born and raised in St. Catharines, I have always enjoyed the Niagara Region. After completing my studies at Dennis Morris High School, I completed an honours degree at the University of Western Ontario. Since my co-op days at Garden City Dental in 1992, I knew then that dentistry was for me and that everyone at Garden City Dental would be my future dental family. Fast forward to 2001 after four years at the University at Buffalo, and we are here with a wonderful team of caring and skilled people at Garden City Dental. Most of us have been together for over 20 years. Dr. Turkel, a mentor of mine, joined us in 2004, and now Dr. Woon-Fat has joined the practice. These are still exciting times for us and our patients at Garden City Dental. Expect us to always be here to care and help your families and friends in the Niagara Region.

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