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St. Catharines Sedation Dentistry

Help Relieve Anxiety, Reduce Pain with Sedation Dentistry

Discover the Calming Benefits of Oral Sedation Dentistry at Garden City Dental

Experience the tranquility of oral sedation at Garden City Dental, where we specialize in sedation dentistry to alleviate the intense anxiety often linked to dental phobia. Oral conscious sedation is a solution for patients who experience unease during dental appointments or require multiple dental procedures in a single visit.

Ease Your Dental Visit with an Oral Sedative

The path to a relaxing dental experience begins with an oral sedative taken before your scheduled appointment. Our attentive team closely monitors your vital signs and comfort level throughout your dental session, ensuring your safety and comfort are prioritized above all.

Guidelines for a Smooth Dental Experience with Oral Sedation

Here are essential guidelines to help you prepare for a seamless dental procedure with oral sedation:

  • Enjoy a light meal one to two hours before your dental appointment.

  • Dress comfortably and forgo wearing nail polish or artificial nails, which enables effective monitoring during your visit.

  • Continue your usual medication regimen leading up to and after your dental treatment, unless instructed otherwise by your dentist.

  • Abstain from alcohol and the use of recreational substances, such as cannabis, for 48 hours prior to and following your dental procedure.

  • Refrain from smoking to assist in the healing process.

Special Considerations for Sedation Dentistry

Please note that oral sedation is not suitable for pregnant patients. Nursing mothers should be aware that breastfeeding is not recommended for 12 hours post-sedation.

Plan Your Dental Visit with Care

We ask that you do not bring children or infants to your dental appointment. Also, make sure to be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 18, who will check in with you upon arrival and stay in the waiting area during your treatment.

Post-Sedation Instructions for a Safe Return Home

Oral sedation may cause relaxation to the point of having little memory of your visit. Your companion will receive aftercare instructions and a leaflet with additional information. You will rest in the recovery area until walking independently is possible.

We advise you to have your escort drive you home, or to travel together in a taxi. If you must use public transportation, please exercise caution, as sedation effects may persist for up to 12 hours. Ensure that an adult is with you to rest at home for the day.

Post-Sedation Precautions

Once at home, avoid being responsible for the care of others and eat or drink as you feel ready, steering clear of extremely hot or cold foods. Please avoid driving or operating heavy machinery until the day after your sedation. It’s also wise to refrain from making significant decisions, engaging in financial transactions, signing legal documents, or using social media for 12 hours following your procedure.

Embrace a stress-free dental experience with oral sedation at Garden City Dental, where your peace of mind and dental health are our top priorities.


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